A Woman’s Heartache
1. June 2017

The Coronation:

This painting named after the word „the coronation“ is the abstract portrayal of all the elements and emotions present during a coronation ceremony. The golden subject in the middle stands for the crown – which is always at the center of any coronation. The four golden lines around the crown resemble the ruling families which may have just increased in their power and influence. The blue lines stand for modest families that attend events around court and may inaugurate the new partnership with the new nobility. The red splashes of colour represent the population that has come to attend the event in order to congratulate the new ruler. The combination of red, blue and yellow reflect the most symbolic colours chosen for garments of royal nobilities. A bright, royal red. An intense, royal blue and a glowing gold.

A piece of Art symbolizing straight nobility.

Acrylic – 29.7 x 42 cm – 180g/m2