The Coronation
1. June 2017
Il Suono
1. June 2017

A Woman’s Heartache:

This abstract painting was inspired by the heartache of a woman. As a known and common symptom in the history of humanity the aching heart of a female is often described in tales, poems and general literature. The painting is made out of pastel pink waves which were painted to resemble the beat of the heart shown on medical devices. It features thick beige lines that cross the painting with their irregularity symbolizing the easy to switch mood that is often found in female characters while in a fragile state. The red splash of colour stands for the pain of the female heartache. The trigger of the instability and the expanding waves form most of this painting.

An abstract view of the female heartache and the way feelings build up and manifest themselves within the female gender.

Acrylic – 29.7 x 42 cm – 180g/m2